Invest in the brand

Invest in the brand

29 May 2023 

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We want to give you the opportunity to not just use our products every day, but own a part of the business, and use YOUR products every day.

James Watt announced that out of 750 companies across Europe, the Tallow+Ash team are heading to Vegas to find out whether we are receiving the investment to push this business into the stratosphere, and put the industry on spin!

We said that if we do that, we want you to come on the journey with us. So if you’re interested in investing any amount, small or large, then head to to register your interest or download our deck, and you’ll be notified when the investment round opens through Crowdcube. 

Investing or not, it’s been amazing having you on this journey with us so far, get ready for the June 23rd launch! 

Capital at risk. For full risk warning -



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Nicole Forster

Nicole Forster

Hiya tallow&ash!! I’ve been wanting to test your products for a while now as I can never ever find a laundry scent I like from the high street brands! Your products and packaging look so so so appealing I’m just wondering if you guys have any way I could smell the scents before placing an order? I’m imagining the scratch & sniff stickers they put on car fresheners hahaha! I’m also a newly qualified nail tech and would want to use your products to wash my salon laundry <3

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