Free samples available every Friday!

Free samples available every Friday!
23 March 2023 

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Who wants free samples to test?! 
Tomorrow at 6pm (Friday 24th), you'll be able to order first edition lab samples of our laundry shampoo and conditioner to test and feedback on!
You'll receive two beautiful samples of products to test, and as a thank you for helping at this early stage of the brand, you’ll also get a free laundry wash bag, silk scrunchie, and thank you letter! 
Every Friday from then onwards, we'll be releasing a brand new product that you'll have the chance to order samples of.
We only have 500 sample packs per drop, so be at fast if you want to test them out and have your say on the product development!
These are 40ml (ish) lab samples, so please use a light load, and for the best scent experience, air dry.
Tomorrow, we'll be revealing a tonne of details about the product, and an in depth video explaining the products. So stay tuned for that.

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