We're hiring!

We're hiring!

14 March 2024 

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The secret ingredient in any brand are the people that work there! T+A needs to make some critical hires - fast - to make sure we can create the best products for you, and continue to build the brand. We’re moving to a larger facility next week, so we are wanting to put some new fantastic perks in place before we move in to mark the start of a new adventure!

We spend 250 days a year at work, so we want to make this new space the best it can be for our people. Here’s some ideas we have below, but if you have any suggestions on making this place and it’s benefits amazing, please comment! You never know, you might be working with us one day!

One of our 2024 Goals is to build the best workplace ever! Here’s 10 things we want to do for you in the workplace...

  1. In-house laundry service
    Washed in beautiful Tallow+Ash products, so you have more spare time during your out-of-office!

  2. Free lunch Fridays 
    A time for the team to get together to have a chat, take a break and of course eat some delicious food

  3. Amazing maternity pay with nursery credits
    Take the time you need to adjust to this amazing new chapter, and when you’re ready we’ll support you in your return to work through nursery credits (our long-term goal is to have an in-house creche)! 

  4. Flexibility during your time of the month
    Work from home flexibility during your time of month. 

  5. Loss support including pregnancy and pet
    We’ll make sure we are there to support you through the toughest times, and have the time off you need to process your loss.

  6. Career growth and opportunities
    So every T+A team member feels fulfilled and their hard-work is recognised and rewarded.

  7. Be around a-players, not a-holes! 
    We really value a positive working environment, with no politics or bad attitudes.

  8. Free office amenities 
    Tea, coffee, food, snacks! 

  9. A beautiful working space
    We believe the best work is done when you feel comfortable and inspired. It will also be a physical space you guys can come and experience the brand!

  10. Work Wardrobe allowance 
    When you look good, you feel good and you do good work!


Want to join the team? We’re currently hiring for 3 team members:

  • Procurement + Buying Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • HR Administrator 

Send your CV to careers@tallow-ash.com for more info! And if these roles aren’t for you, feel free to send in your CV anyway and we’ll get in touch if a role that suits your experience pops up. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

For those asking, we are based in Gloucestershire, but we can accommodate flexible working! 

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Received my trial packs got to say they all smell amazing 🤩
Great concept and making them eco and chemical free

Mandy Hunter

Mandy Hunter

If you need anyone to do telephone orders I would be interested… I currently work on phones lines for a company but if you are going into phone sales orders for customer who don’t have the app to put orders i would certainly be interested
Mandy Hunter

Anindita Talukdar

Anindita Talukdar

Hello! Came across the hiring section and I believe I have diverse skills that could fit into the positions you are looking to fill. I have worked in policymaking and fundraising, but have also worked in retail at Selfridges, so I have a good understanding of how a brand works and also with customer service. I have submitted my CV. Hope to hear from your side. Thank you for your time.



Wow! This looks amazing! Have never seen a company that prioritises employees like this especially during your time of the month! I’m a civil servant (based in London) who has been working for the government for over 4 years now. Would love to work for you all if you’re interested :)



Loving these initiatives and hoping it’ll pave the way for more companies to follow suit. How about menopause support as well? It can be really rough on some women and having the same sort of support as those during their time of the month would be awesome!

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