Test our stain reverser formula!

Test our stain reverser formula!

30th November 2023


This Friday, we have 250 free full size samples available for testing!

This is a brand new stain reversing powder formulated to target fake tan and make up!

We’ve designed the stain reverser boxes to look beautiful in your cupboards next to your T+A Laundry Shampoo + Conditioner bottles so we hope you love the design.

For those testing tomorrow, we can’t wait to hear what you think of this first edition product! We’d love to know not only how you find the power of the stain reversing formula but also your thoughts on the box design, how it holds up in transit and what it looks like in your laundry cupboards.

Check out the video to find out everything you need to know about High Maintenance and let us know your first impressions!




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Cristina  Larner

Cristina Larner

If you are still looking for people to sample your stain remover, I’d love to try it and help!

Irene Hailes

Irene Hailes

Will give honest opinion if selected to test trial any products
Would give stain removal a true test – give to local children’s football team to try via a friend

Shirley  Dootson

Shirley Dootson

I would love to test this new product. Sounds amazing!

Anna-Marie Young

Anna-Marie Young

I tried to buy the sample but sold out I would love to give them ago



I’d love to try this! love all the other products

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