Sample it, Bottle it, Refill it 💜

Sample it, Bottle it, Refill it 💜

16 November 2023 

The ultimate T+A laundry experience! 🥳


Sample it.

We think the best way to try Tallow + Ash is by first sampling the entire range, so you can choose which fragrance is the right for you. The discovery samples allow you to try every single one of our incredible laundry scents!


Bottle it.

Once you’ve been able to sample the range, you’ll then be able to select the Laundry Shampoo + Conditioner duo pack which is your favourite, and receive beautiful bottles you all know and love!


Refill it.

We know you guys hate the idea of throwing out the bottles because of how aesthetic they are, so now you can order our refill pouches (or if you’re a subscriber these will automatically get sent out to you on your chosen delivery schedule!) and fill up your bottles from home! One pouch fills up a full bottle, for 24 planet-friendly washes.


We hope you love using our brand new refill pouches, we’ve also got a super exciting update on the large 3L refill boxes which we can’t wait to show you guys! 🤭



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Paul Barthorpe

Paul Barthorpe

It is a good idea, but I have 4 bottles sitting empty and have another 4 on the way. Could these not be recycled as well as the pouches as more plastic in the bottles and still trying to find my perfect scent out of the variety available.

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