Introducing, Celestial!

Introducing, Celestial!
24 March 2023 

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Celestial Sample packs are now live, so when you get a moment head on over to and get them ordered so we can work on this thing together!
We have 6 different products that we want you to test over the coming weeks. Tonight is just the first, and it’s one I personally LOVE!
Introducing Celestial! It’s inspired by two of my favourite perfumes, but we’ve added a ‘fresh’ twist to it. There’s extra mid and base notes that give it an incredibly sophisticated fragrance after the wash that you’ll be noticing around the house. I hope you’ll love it as much as we do!
You’ll be receiving two 49ml sachets, this is pretty small, so we advise air drying to maximise the experience and ensure you can feedback on the product properly.
Formula Specification 
  • No Sulphates (SLES) or Palm Oil in either Detergent or Conditioner
  • Ionic, and non-ionic surfactants that work as a pair to deep clean fabrics. Able to take on any oil, dirt, and other stains.
  • No waxy residue left on clothing due to our natural ingredients and formulation process
  • Not harmful to aquatic life when the product enters the waterways
  • Vegan and cruelty free liquids that are made in the U.K.
  • Low allergenic. Skin safe.
  • IFRA certified and tested.
  • Non toxic to breath in, and non-toxic on skin
    Can’t wait for you guys to receive your samples. We hope you enjoy your laundry bag and silk scrunchies as well! 

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