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The Laundrylab

Our purpose is to make every wash load something to look forward to, and to do that we need your input every step of the way. We'll be giving you the opportunity to test new products, see everything behind the scenes and have your say on the future of laundry products!

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Candy Beach Closing Down Sale
Supercharged Shipping: Activated

Supercharged Shipping: Activated

We finally installed the machines that our amazing community funded. 

Bahama Vibes: We need your vote!

Bahama Vibes: We need your vote!

Let us know what you think of the colour of the Bahama Vibes shampoo. We don't use dyes so the colour is naturally from the fragrance ingredients! 

Scent meets Science

Clean Chemistry

Clean Chemistry means we don't use any chemicals that are harmful for you to breath in, or to let out into the planet. All of our products are formulated, tested and made by expert UK chemists. The products are dye-free, vegan and cruelty-free. They don't contain any ingredients derived from animals, nor do we use any chemicals that could harm aquatic life!