We'd love your thoughts!

We'd love your thoughts!

26 April 2024 

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We want to make the best products imaginable for you, and to do that we need to get to know you, and have you involved in the process! Give us your thoughts this weekend, and get a free sample with your next order! We'll send out the free sample codes to everyone who fills it out on Monday!

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We think amazing products are made when the people who use them have a say in what comes next. Since we launched the brand just 10 months ago, we’ve been dedicated to getting your feedback and involvement as much as possible.

By filling in the survey, you help us and the brand make better products for you, by understanding your habits and current likes/dislikes about the industry.

Thanks so much for being involved in the brand. If you're interested in testing out the products we have some amazing offers on this month, as well as the Golden Sample. If you find one in your order, you'll get free laundry for life! 4 people have already found them, so there's one left to find between now and the 30th. Good luck!

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