Happy Hour 7-9pm | Buy One Get One Half Price

Happy Hour 7-9pm | Buy One Get One Half Price

25 September 2023 

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Happy Hour 7-9pm!

Buy one get one half price when you mix and match fragrances and make a Laundry Fragrance Cocktail. 

Duvet Day + Bahama Vibes = ‘Sleep on the Beach’… Mix your cocktail creations at tallow-ash.com and let us know what you come up with. Just add 2 products to your basket, and the discount will automatically apply.

Best T+A cocktail name in the comments wins their order!

Why are we doing this?

We had an awesome message from a customer called Daria last night asking if you could mix and match fragrances, so we’ve spent today trying to make you guys this cool little event running this week only so you have the ability to mix and match and test different bottles.

Enjoy, and be quick. Happy Hour ends soon! 

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Celestial duvet day slumber

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