¡El triángulo amoroso!

The Love Triangle

15 de abril de 2024 

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El Triángulo Amoroso… ¡Nuestra nueva teoría para crear excelentes productos para ti!

Hace unos días, te mostramos cuatro nuevos colores de botellas y te pedimos que decidieras qué producto lanzaremos a continuación.

El Los resultados nos emocionaron...

A ustedes les encantó el sonido de Cocoa Butter Kisses, pero cuando mostramos la botella sola sin marca, fue la menos votada en nuestra encuesta. .

Lo contrario ocurrió con la botella verde de matcha. El moodboard de aromas fue el menos solicitado, ¡pero el color de la botella fue uno de los más apreciados!

Entonces, para crear productos que te gusten, necesitamos tres elementos que se conecten para crear excelentes productos. : Aroma, nombre y color de botella (el triángulo amoroso) 📐💗

Entonces, ¿crees que hemos logrado estos productos ahora? ¿O necesitamos más trabajo? Echa un vistazo a los aromas a continuación: 

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Icing on the cake is very on trend even with the rainbow colours. Farmers market sounds a bit ‘veggie’. How about farmers orchard? People should not be put off by a brown bottle but I think some might. The peach fragrances work well but Italian to me should always be lemon fragrances with Prosecco – now that I would definitely buy.



NAME CHANGE NEEDED Farmers Market/ Take me Back – I love the sound of these scents and would buy both as a T&A fan but believe the names would be a fail to a wider audience. Farm = stinky farm yard smells Market = dust and dirt. How about Country Bloom or Orchard Walk? (I also like Perry to evoke pear as suggested in a previous comment). Take me Back makes me think of relationship break up, there is no link to the scent. I suggest something like Riviera Morning or Amalfi Memory.

Icing on the cake/Cocoa Butter Kisses – I think these are fine although I don’t like dark brown as a colour. I would want to try a sample of these before buying a bottle as I’m not sure if the scents are my personal taste.

Nicky James-Harley

Nicky James-Harley

Icing on the Cake bottle looks so pretty & sounds very sweet. Some people will really love this.
Cocoa Butter Kisses sounds just what it would smell like. Could shorten the name further to just Cocoa Kisses. I don’t like the brown colour at all, need a lighter shade of brown or maybe use light pink lettering instead of cream.
I like the green colour & the description sounds fresh & juicy. Farmers Market doesn’t describe the smell I’m imagining. Maybe call it Perry Orchard or Bloom & Perry.
I also like the peach colour as stands out, but the name Take me Back doesn’t work. What about Peach Melba Pie or Peach Melba Blossom.



I think if you had shown the full moodboard you would have had totally different responses.
The bottles standing alone, people will just go for their favourite colours (and not many people would claim brown as a favourite colour…) the second you add visuals and scents to it, the colour is perceived in a different way.

I think you are having some challenges with the names. Why isn’t the peach one called Italian Summers or similar? “Take Me Back” doesn’t mean anything

The issue with the"matcha green" bottle is you described it as matcha which is very marmite. If the bottle had been described as sage green, I believe it would have been viewed more positively. I like the name but again, I would pick something closer to the notes like Secret Orchard.

Cocoa Butter Kisses has been executed the best with name and colour, though could feel more mature.

Laura Joel

Laura Joel

In love with the icing on the cake bottle and vanilla is my fav smell ever so deffo need that in my life 😂

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