Building the best workplace

Building the best workplace
4 April 2023

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With the launch of Tallow + Ash right around the corner, we’re not only focusing on how we can make the best products, but how we build the best brand.

As a majority women-owned business, we think some these things are really important to have in the workplace.
  • A free in-house laundry service
  • World-class maternity pay with nursery credits
  • Time off during your time of month
  • Free lunch fridays 
  • Pregnancy loss support

Comment if you have any ideas you’d love to see us introduce to the workplace 💜

2 comentarios

Anna-Marie Young

Anna-Marie Young

for work place i would say menopause support to be honest

Sallyann Baird

Sallyann Baird

Samples would be great excited to try new product

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