Subscription Packaging

Subscription Packaging
26 March 2023 

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What do you think of this subscription packaging concept?
We want every experience people have with T+A to be amazing, and that starts with the packaging.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a laundry liquid, a stain remover, or a fabric spray, we’ve got to make sure that the packaging meets the same rigorous standards as our main products, and sets the tone for what this brand stands for. Making every wash load something to look forward to.
A portion of the Tallow + Ash business will be subscription, so every month you’ll be able to receive liquids on repeat and ensure you never run out! And this is starting concept for the delivery.
The bottles are designed to be so gorgeous that you want to keep them and re-fill them. So we’ll be showing you guys the re-fill packaging concepts this week, and we’ll decide on how that comes out together!
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