Scent meets Science

Scent meets Science

6th February 2024


Clean Chemistry is still the philosophy that underpins everything we do. So we think it's important for you to all know more about the formulas which are in our products so you can shop with confidence at Tallow + Ash. So here's a little about the science behind our scents:



Our Laundry Shampoo don’t contain enzymes which means it’s kinder to sensitive skin.


Vegan + Cruelty-free

Our formulas have never been (and never will be) tested on animals and contain biodegradeable chemicals which aren’t harmful to aquatic life.



We don't use dyes, phosphates, or phthalates meaning our products aren’t harmful to our waterways.


Formulated by UK chemists

Unlike some of the leading laundry brands, we work alongside UK chemists to create our formulas which ensures we maintain quality-control.


We balance planet-friendly chemistry with effective clean. 


Kim ruck

Kim ruck

Just want to say just recieved my order of all your full sized liquids. Love them. Love smells. Can’t wait to wash everything now xxx

Louise Barnett

Louise Barnett

Hi -I bought your entire range on the basis of your advice that it is a clean product. However I have just been advised that anionic and cationic surfectants are descriptors that can hide a multitude of undesirable ingredients that don’t have to be legally declared, as is ‘perfumes’. I’m keen to continue using the lovely products but am worried it’s a bit too good to be true? I can’t see a rating on Think dirty for example. Can you advise on both the fragrance and cleaning aspects as to whether they are really clean?
Thanks in advance.

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