Introducing, Duvet Day

Introducing, Duvet Day
31 March 2023 

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If you’ve been planning on taking a day off… make sure it’s just after you wash your bedding and cosy clothes in this stuff!

It’s complex and layered. It has a unique blend of Cassis, Lemon, French Lavender and musk. It's an incredibly unique take on a Lavender fragrance, so even if Lavender isn't your usual go to I think you'll agree this one is incredibly calming. Both these fragrances have our proprietary cleaning formula containing both Cationic and Non-Ionic surfactants that work together to leave duvets (and everything else you wash) soft, clean and fluffy! You'll love snuggling into bed after pulling these out the wash.

Our cleaning formula is plant based, cruelty free and vegan. It’s next generation chemistry from expert chemists made right here in the U.K.

Enjoy to those who got the first samples to test, and stay tuned for future sample drops coming soon! 🥳

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