Clean Chemistry

Clean Chemistry

12 June 2023 

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With your feedback through the sample development we’ve refined our formulas even further. We added slightly more fragrance to them and increased the formulations ability to target oils, like make up and fake tan!

Clean Chemistry is still the philosophy that underpins everything we do. We came across one leading brands Safety Data Sheet and saw there was a chemical that can be ‘Corrosive to Metal’… who wants to wash their clothes in a chemical that can corrode metal?!

Our mission is to revolutionise the laundry industry by making products that are great for you, your skin, and the planet. Turning a chore into a self care ritual, and incorporating the most beautiful fragrances to make every wash day something to look forward to.

More on the science behind the brand to come over the next few weeks. But until then, so much is going on here at the T+A facility in preparation for the big launch on June 23rd! 





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