£0-£1.1 million in 9 days 🎉

£0-£1.1 million in 9 days 🎉

18 March 2024 

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Hey, it’s Ciara!

The investment round is now officially closed. We raised an unbelievable £1.1 million pound in just 9 days from 2686 incredible people.

The business is now fully funded, and because of that, we are able to launch new products even faster for you. Develop new formulas. Head into new markets. And build a brand that changes an industry together.

Because of this investment, we will now be launching our much anticipated Fabric Sprays by May! And on top of that, we have another six unbelievable products all now being fast tracked because of the amazing people supporting the business.

To our investors, we’ll be sending you your OwnersClub discount codes, setting up your free laundry subscriptions, and placing the orders for your OwnersClub reward products over the next few weeks!

We’ll be sending out quarterly updates on the business. As well as arranging the ALM (Annual Laundry Meeting) where we’ll have the opportunity to host all our investors and get to meet you all, talk about the brand, and have an awesome time!

Stay tuned to your emails over the next few weeks as we’ll have more updates for you.

Thank you again for your investment, we are at the start of something incredible. Have an amazing week, and check out the final stats on the crowdfund below! 





Hi guys,

Love the product, have you got a link to support and invest in the crowd fund ?

Stacey Morphis

Stacey Morphis

Hello! I saw an option about buying stock in the company? But I can’t seem to figure out how! Could you send me some more info please :-)

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