The countdown is on! 🥳

The countdown is on! 🥳

19th February 2024

On February 29th at 6pm, we launch the OwnersClub. The OwnersClub is where you can help us fund:

🫧Launching the biggest sampling phase in history. Giving thousands of you guys the opportunity to test and feedback new products for free!
🫧Building a physical LaundryLab so we can bring you all to our HQ, to be more involved in our product development and brand!
🫧Launching 6 new game changing products for you, within the next 6-8 months… Fabric sprays, Elixirs, Powders, Stain Removers, the Infinity Series and tons of new fragrances like Cocoa Butter Kisses and Icing on the Cake!
🫧Upgrading and improving all of our existing formulas and packaging for you, like our nightmare caps 😂
🫧Purchasing new machinery, that will allow us to produce more products faster, so we can speed up shipping and delivery times.
🫧Investing in our team members personal development and hiring new staff members, so we can grow the brand securely, and become one of the best companies to work for in the U.K!

Stay tuned, as we’ll be showing you all our plans in the run up to the OwnersClub launch on the 29th.

We’d love your help in making all this happen! ☺️✨ Register your interest at:

*You should only make investments if you’re prepared to lose the money. Investing in startups is risky.



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