Join the Owner's Club

Join the Owner's Club

13th February 2024


T&A is growing rapidly, but to keep up with demand, and build the best products imaginable for you, we need your help.

We need to buy faster bottling machinery to fulfil orders quicker. Make stock deposits for incredible new products, like the Fabric Sprays. Kick off development phases for different formulas, and invest in spreading the word about T&A all over the U.K, and beyond!

We believe these initiatives will build a brand we can all be proud of. One that disrupts an entire industry.

By investing on Feb 29, you’ll have the chance to own a piece of the brand at this early stage, and make it all happen with us!

We currently have £2.2m pledged to invest on the Crowdcube platform. If you want to invest as well, you can sign up for ‘early access’ on Crowdcube, and let us know you’re considering investing!

You can invest from as little as £25, and it’s all done through an easy to use platform.

We’ve also created some amazing rewards and benefits for becoming an investor and joining the Owners Club, more on this tomorrow!

Thank you for all your support and involvement so far. We hope to have you as a co-owner in the brand!

Watch the video below to learn more about what it means to invest into Tallow + Ash!

Ciara 💜

*You should only make investments if you’re prepared to lose the money. Investing in startups is risky.



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