Get 12 Discovery Samples + 2 Bottles for £20!

Get 12 Discovery Samples + 2 Bottles for £20!

 30 August 2023 

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Get 12 Discovery Samples and 2 Laundry Bottles for just £20! Use code 2FOR20 at the checkout.

Our mission is to make every wash load something to look forward to, and turn a chore into a ritual! 💜

Created by master perfumers and PhD Chemists, tested and approved by thousands of amazing people! If you’re new here, we can’t wait for you to try it too!

✔️ Skin safe and Non-Bio
✔️ Not harmful to our waterways
✔️ Vegan and Cruelty free
✔️ Incredible Fragrance
✔️ Softness with no waxy residue
✔️ Deep cleaning and stain removal


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Valerie Black

Valerie Black

I woukd love to try this!
Regards Valerie

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